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Definition: Bangkok Pretty Girl -

Also know as "Pretties", these are the HOT girls work as models for all different types of products in Bangkok Thailand. The most commonly seen prettie is the Beer Pretty Girl; the girls that represent Singha, Heinkein, Chang, San Miguel. These girls will work at some of the busier restaurants, dressed in sexy oufits (normally mini skirts) trying to entice you to purchase their alcoholic beverage. And it works! There are also Pretty Girls for the harder alcohols (generally whiskys) such as Jack Daniels, Crown 99 and Johnny Walker.

Pretties are also seen in the malls, selling cars or cosmetics. Some of the sexiest pretty girls are found at the conventions that seem to be every weekend in Bangkok. These conventions sell almost everything; Condos & homes, Cel Phones, Furniture, Car accessories, Electronics. What they all have in common is a beautiful Thai girl representing the product trying to catch your eye.

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young bangkok pretty girls
Under Our Umbrella

8 is GREAT!
bangkok prettie
Shiny Silver
young bangkok prettie
I would marry this girl

Red Heels
bangkok prettie girls
Sweet Prettie Girls

Almost Ready

Candid Pretties
white thai model
Picture This
sexy thai model
Pretty Fashion show
thai hiso model
Recharge My Batteries!
thai lingerie model
White Daisy Dukes
cute thai models
Distracted Pretties
bangkok pretty girls
Bangkok Pretty Girls
lovely bangkok pretties
Want a Free Shirt?
bangkok pretty girl on stage
Prettie Countdown

Bangkok Prettie girls are the most sought after girls in Thailand. Because of their beauty and accessibility, pretty girls are often the targets (and look for) successful Thai businessmen and other Thai elite. Their white skin, sweet faces & smiles, not to mention their AMAZING bodies can make even the most powerful man succumb to their feminine charms. Ever smiling and friendly, these girls come across as accessible Asian supermodels, all the while keeping a confident demeanor. All this considering Pretties make 500-1000 baht ($15-$30 USD) for a days work.

bangkok pretty girl
Curly Hair Prettie
bangkok pretty girl
Lovely Legs
bangkok pretty girl
Good Presenter
bangkok pretty girl
Perfect Body Prettie
bangkok pretty girl
Pretty Girl Pantyhose
bangkok pretty girl
Red Shorts & Blouse
bangkok pretty girl
Call Me
bangkok pretty girl
I Finish 2 pm!
bangkok pretty girl
Pigtail Pretty Girls
bangkok pretty girl
Sweet Dress Pretties

Petite & Sweet Prettie
bangkok pretty girl
Experienced Prettie Girl
bangkok pretty girl
Prettie on a Break
bangkok pretty girl
I'm Tired
bangkok pretty girl
Bangkok Prettie Girl All Star
bangkok pretty girl
Prettie Girl Superstar

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While prettie girls are working there isn't alot of time to interact with them or try to get a phone number. Many times the company they are working for forbids them from giving out personal information. So unless it's a rare occurance, don't expect to be able to get a phone number of the girl of your dreams while she is working. The most likely prettie girl that you can hook up with are the restaurant beer girl pretties, the ones that serve your favorite beverage. There are a few reasons for this... since it's at night, these are the darker skin Thai girls. Still beautiful, but possibly not the milky white Thai girls that the Thais LOVE. The beer Pretties also have a more relaxed work enviornment, and are sometimes able to give out their phone numbers. But again, if you are turned down for a number do not be discouraged or take it as an insult.

white skin thai girls
What are We Selling?
bangkok girlfriends
Incredibly Cute Pretties
fun bangkok girls
Over Here ... Paradise!
2 bangkok pretties
2 Pretty Prettie Girls
pretty girl smile
Hello Beautiful!
thai pretty girl line up
6 Prettie Girls
thai prettie girl in heels
Furry High Heels
bangkok pretty girl candid
Prettie with Hairband
pretty girls at bangkok camrea show
Bangkok Camera Show Pretties
sexy bangkok pretty girls
cute bangkok pretty girl
Can I Photo You?
candid thai pretty girl photo
candid bangkok pretty girls
Candid Pretties
bangkok pretty girl
Prettie Girl Model
bangkok pretty girls all dolled up as fashion models
Room FULL of Pretties!

Some of the places to find prettie girls off of work is at RCA. Royal City Avenue is a street of clubs and bars in Bangkok that is geared more towards meeting and hangout out, instead of the girlie meat markets of Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy & Patpong. At RCA you will see pretties let their hair down and get WILD, dancing and getting drunk with their friends. There will be a group of them together, so make sure to make the right choice as to the one you want to pursue. But chances are she will be the one making that decision! Dress to impress and head down to RCA, you might be able to pick up one of these amazing Thai beauties when they're not working.

bangkok pretty girl
Preparing for work
bangkok pretty girl
Sweet Smile
bangkok pretty girl
Microphone Check
bangkok pretty girl
Sexy Dress Prettie
bangkok pretty girl
Want My Phone Number?
bangkok pretty girl
Black & White Minis
bangkok pretty girl
Lucky Guy
bangkok pretty girl
Pretty Cowgirl
bangkok pretty girl
Would You Like more Info?
bangkok pretty girls in tennis shoes
Excercise Pretties
bangkok pretty girl
Rainbow Pretties
bangkok pretty girl
Magical Pretty Girl
bangkok pretty girl
I'd Rather be at the Mall
bangkok pretty girl
Apple Bottom Prettie
bangkok pretty girl
See Me at RCA!
bangkok pretty girl
Pretty Eyes


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bangkok pretty girl
Shy & Sweet Prettie
bangkok pretty girl
Confident Prettie
bangkok pretty girl

bangkok pretty girl
We're Bored

bangkok pretty girl
Prettie in Dress
bangkok pretty girl
Professional Prettie Girl
bangkok pretty girl
School girl Pretties
bangkok prettie in blue dress
Baby Blue Dress
bangkok pretty girl
Na rak!
bangkok pretty girl
Prettie in Tennis Shoes
bangkok pretty girl
Pretty Twins
bangkok pretty girl
A Prettie Something
bangkok pretty girl
I'll Buy Anything you sell!
bangkok pretty girl
Prettie Presentation
bangkok pretty girl
My Prettie Fantasy
bangkok pretty girl
I'm in Love!

Every weekend in Bangkok there are different conventions and shows to see Prettie girls. Almost every convention will have pretty girls, in fact I have yet to see ANYTHING in Thailand where something was for sale and there were not Pretty girls present! Search online for the latest events in Bangkok. They might be at Impact Arena, QNSCC Convention Center, Bi-tec Bang Na or any of the big Bangkok Malls such as Central World, Siam Discovery or Siam Discovery.

sexy bangkok pretty girl
Red Skirt Prettie
prettie girls in upskirt photo
Prettie Upskirt
pretty girls selling memory cards
Lost my Memory
thai pretty girl sells electronics
Prettie Fashion Show
bangkok pretty girl in silver booty shorts
Silver Booty & Boots
bangkok pretty girl model
Strike a Pose
upskirt bangkok pretty girl
Ass Shaking Pretties
bangkok pretty girl model
Supermodel Prettie
bangkok pretties photo
Prettie Girl Lineup
curly hair bangkok pretty girl on the runway
A View from Behind
bangkok pretty girls almost ready
Almost Ready
pretty girl in booty shorts
Prettie in Booty Shorts
ass view of a bangkok pretty girl model
Heels & Black Stocking
three hot thai pretties in red dresses
Who's that Guy Smiling At?
thai prettie girl in stockings
Prettie in Stockings
bangkok pretty girl selling cameras
Camera Prettie Girl

One of the places to see new Pretty girls is at the supermarkets. In the cosmetics sections & laundry sections they will have beautiful girls presenting the newest brands; trying to suggest the products to customers. These girls might also be younger pretties, maybe in the 18 year old range and not able to serve alcohol. Something to keep in mind on your next visit to Tesco Lotus, Tops or Carrefour.

two asian pretty girl in fantasy outfits
I'll pick .... you!
pretty girl with braces from bangkok
Would you like a Flyer?
bangkok pretty girl in sheer white dress
Wife Material
amazing sweet thai pretty girl from bangkok
Sweet as Candy
asian pretty girl model
Lovely Prettie Babe
pretty girls in white dresses
2 Prettie Friends
thai pretty girl farm girl
Farmgirl Prettie
thai prettie girl in overalls
Prettie in Overalls
older mature thai prettie girl
Mature Prettie Girl
thai model in blue outfit
Race Car Prettie
bangkok models in red booty shorts
Hot Bangkok Prettie Girls
sexy bangkok pretties in furry tops and red shorts
Sexy Prettie Girls
bangkok pretty girl in green dress
Prettie in Green Dress
two bangkok prettie girls give a presentation
Prettie Girls at Work
house condo prettie girls
Want a new Condo?
business prettie girl
Business Prettie

so needless to say ....

thai pretty girls in white dresses
Home of your Dreams
shy pretty girl
Shy Pretty Girl
south thailand pretty girls
Southern Thai Pretties
bangkok prettie in white dress
You Want a Photo of Me?
home show prettie
Home Show Prettie
prettie girl sisters
Prettie Sisters

Smoothie Prettie Girl
adorable prettie girl
Adorable Prettie Girl
lovely prettie girl
Lovely Prettie Girl
bangkok prettie girl
Legs for Days

I Love Bangkok Pretty girls!!!

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